Intimate Sex Between Two College Students

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Intimate Sex Between Two College Students
‘ Mistress Abigail handed the bottles around and Pete raised his bottle to Mark/Marcia’s lips then sucked hard at the bottle that Mark/Marcia held to Pete’s lips.

‘ Pete was in the middle of thanking Mark/Marcia for sharing the bottle when Mistress Abigail stunned him with this revelation.

He quickly resumed the passionate kiss which the Mistress observed with some satisfaction.

‘ ‘Oh I do love to see two girls kissing each other so passionately,’ Mistress Abigail remarked.

They dragged Pete to the front of the class and assisted in bending him across Mistress Abigail’s desk.

Mistress Abigail surveyed the damage, took a tube of soothing lotion from her handbag and proceeded to massage it into Pete’s cheeks.

‘ Mark was getting well into it now, and he started to kiss Pete with greater intensity.

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