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Japanese Fuck

Me, my parents, and Tom left our house at exactly 6:02 for dinner.

The car ride there was funny – me and Tom were talking in cryptic messages that confused my parents.

“Hey, do you remember that last game we played?” Tom said, winking as he did so.

Two parents, middle aged, and a gorgeous son who looked to be about me and Tom’s age.

“What would you like to drink?” The waitress asked in a Chinese accent.

Strange for a Japanese restaurant, but still it broke me out of my trance.

No. I was pulling out my 7 inches, and I heard someone else walk in.

Then I walked out of the door, and something collided with me; I did not know what.

“Mmmph” I yelled out in surprise, but he silenced me.

We stood there making out for about a minute, it was heaven on earth.

When we finally broke apart, I asked “What’s yo-“.

He pulled out a sharpie from his pants, and wrote his a phone number on my penis.

My parents believed it, but I don’t think Tom quite did.

The rest of dinner went well, and, even though I kept stealing glances at him, the boy across the table did not look at me once.

When I finally arrived to my room, Tom asked “What took you so long in the bathroom?” “Nothing. The shrimp didn’t agree with me” I said.

I figured what the hell… “You know that kid across the table?” I asked.

“Did you at least get his number? He was cute!” Tom asked.

“He wrote it on my dick.” Tom burst out in laughter.

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“Well – what are you waiting for! Take off your pants so we can call him!” Tom said.

“I’ve never seen you flacid before,” Tom said again.

“I just have to get hard again.” “That should be no problem,” muttered Tom.

Enough to make out the numbers, but Tom wasn’t done.

He responded back asking for my address, and I gave it to him.

“What should we do for two hours?” He asked.

“Oh, I think we’ll figure something out.” I said, walking towards him with my dick pointing at the ceiling.

“We will definitely figure something out.”
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