Japanese schoolgirl in bus being touched and groped by Chikan

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Japanese schoolgirl in bus being touched and groped by Chikan
There were two girls in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, lying on a bed together, with a Japanese man standing over them holding out a stiff cock with sperm dripping out of it.

Every time one of the girls bent down to pick the ball up, he would follow her down with the camera, hoping to catch a glimpse of her white panties, and he was usually successful.

Then one of the girls in the gym knickers noticed him through the fence, and pointed him out to the others.

The girls whispered together, and then one of the girls in the uniforms nodded at him.

The two gym knicker girls were obviously very close friends, and they began to kiss passionately, their little pink tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths.

One of the girls pressed gently with her forefinger against the other girl’s damp patch, and pushed the gusset of her panties gently into her cunt.

One of the other girls licked at her cunt and her panties, determined not to waste a drop, and swallowed the lovely mess with a smile.

Looking around the room, they quickly saw what was going on, and decided to help! The girl in the uniform was still lying on the desk in her skirt, panties and blouse wanting to be fucked, and that was just what they were going to do.

Taking out a small knife, one of the teachers made a small incision in the girl’s tight white panties, and slipped his erect cock neatly through the slit and into her waiting cunt.

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As the two men thrust their cocks in and out, the girl moaned and moaned until she finally came, at the same time as the men.

The two girls in gym knickers wasted no time in licking up the sticky mess in her cunt, in her bum, and all over her panties.

As the teachers stood over them, they each started to rub their cocks, and as the girls held their knickers aside they shot their sperm first all over their waiting cunts, and then into their open mouths and eager faces.

Each of the girls was covered in creamy white sperm, which was trickling inside their cunts and running down their legs.
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