Jodi West in Mother’s Special Massage

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Jodi West in Mother’s Special Massage
“Yeah, you can keep that one. I know how much you like Jodi Lynn, so I figured this can be your birthday present from me. I hope you don’t mind, I already spanked myself silly over this today about three times.” Again, he had that huge grin on his face.

Stephen walked over to the window and saw Jodi Lynn sitting on a lawn chair.

Stephen watched for a second and then thinking of his manners he said, “Hey Jodi Lynn,” loud enough for her to hear.

About 30 minutes into the semi-conversation Jodi Lynn said “Hey, Stevie, could you do your best neighbor two really big favors?” He answered he would be happy to.

Jodi Lynn’s skin was already a nice brown hue from having sunbathed like this before.

Stephen could feel himself getting hard so he looked away-only to find himself looking at Jodi Lynn’s thong clad ass.

His hands were still oily from rubbing lotion all over Jodi Lynn’s back.

He closed his eyes and imagined Jodi Lynn’s ass again and what it looked like.

The lawn chair squeaked a little bit but Jodi Lynn made no movement and otherwise continued to breathe rhythmically.

With his left hand and leg on the ground, his right leg between her legs, he took his right hand and stuck it between himself and Jodi Lynn and began to push and pull his dick against her leg and ass.

He started out stroking but within 5 seconds was moving his whole body up and down Jodi Lynn’s leg with him pressing his dick between his tummy and her leg and ass.

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Some got on his tummy but the majority was all over Jodi Lynn.

Something kept sense enough to not allow Stephen to collapse on Jodi Lynn but just barely.

He looked at Jodi Lynn’s back and ass and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Her left ass cheek was a big wet spot, there was a white thread of fluid going at an angle off to her side over her right ass cheek.

Most of his cum that couldn’t be shot anywhere had drained down Jodi Lynn’s ass crack to pool between her legs.

He wiped off Jodi Lynn’s back and ass and tried to soak up what he could between her legs.

Stephen ducked out of view but peeked to see what Jodi Lynn would do.
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