Johnny Fucks His Teacher

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Johnny Fucks His Teacher
I just shook my head. He leaned down and took my 14 year old cock into the warmest wettest feeling thing I have ever experienced.

Then he put his hand on the back of my head, and gently pushed my head towards his cock.

My mouth was touching his cock and he kinda kept pressure on my head and said just suck it.

I looked up to see his cock head disappear and reappear when he would stroke his cock.

He then bent it down and put the head of his cock on my lips, and pulled his foreskin back, and said just do it! I opened my mouth to taste it, and he pushed it in.

He told me I looked good with a fat cock in my mouth.

He pulled my head up about 6 inches until just the fat cock head was in my mouth he told me to hold the foreskin back with my lips and told me to suck just his head and move my tongue, I did as he instructed and was rewarded with two more long volleys of cum.

I kept sucking his cock and jerking the shaft trying to get more cum and he told me I was a natural.

Then he put his arm around me pulled me to him, and kissed me on top of the head. He said he can remember the first time he sucked a mans cock, and he knew I was in heaven right now, and that I was thinking about sucking his cock again.

He came down to me and placed his hand on my cock, and looked at my face and smiled, and then at my cock and smiled.

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Before I had the k in cock out of my mouth he had me in his mouth.

I didn’t understand that, I was the one having my cock serviced by a warm wet sucking mouth, but if he says so.

He continued to fuck my ass with his fingers while he sucked my cock.

He said take my big cock! With that I told him to give me you’re his big cock and he really started to fuck me.

He pushed my legs closer to my head and said I was so fucking tight! I told him to fuck my ass! He was stabbing me with his huge cock.

I could feel his cock head swell and he thrust deep inside me and held his cock there.
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