Karlee and Keisha Stretched Out By Two BBC’s

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Karlee and Keisha Stretched Out By Two BBC’s

All of a sudden my passenger door flew open and in hopped Toni and Karlee.

Karlee grabbed my ragingly hard cock through my pants and led me inside my own house.

Toni was helping Karlee out of her clothes, first kissing down between Karlee’s B cup breasts and sliding her hands up Karlee’s slim fitting shirt bringing it up her tanned, tight stomach.

Toni finally got Karlee’s shirt off and I couldn’t take it anymore so I jumped in.

“Took you long eno…. ahhhh,” Karlee started to say but I latched onto her left nipple sucking and licking all over, while Toni un-zipped Karlee’s tight jeans, revealing a sexy black laced thong, which was soaking wet with Karlee’s juices.

Karlee started to pull my cock out and pull my pants down, she knelt down and started to make out with Toni with my cock in the middle of their mouths.

“Get on the bed, I want to taste that sweet pussy before I fuck you good and hard.” I grabbed Karlee and laid her on my bed kneeling between her long tanned legs.

Toni leaned over and kissed me hard, slipping her tongue deep into my throat eagerly tasting Karlee’s juices.

We soon switched it up, putting Karlee on the bed and sticking Toni’s face into that well fucked pussy, bringing her ass up to me.

Leaning my head in, right beside Toni’s I gave Karlee’s pussy a few quick licks and at one point both of our tongues were licking her pussy at the same time.

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“Toni, spit on Karlee’s tits and tub it around, Karlee, push your tits together.” I got up and placed my cock between them and started titty-fucking her hard.

Toni got up and we started kissing, while I pounded Karlee’s tits.

Toni got her face down next to Karlee’s just in time as I exploded all over their faces and breasts.

Toni started to suck my cock until there was nothing left in me, then got on top of Karlee and they played with my cum, licking it, swapping it and rubbing it on their bodies.
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