Lesbea HD Feel the juices soak through her panties and we know she is ready

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Lesbea HD Feel the juices soak through her panties and we know she is ready
Pushing the curiosity to the back of my mind, I asked, “And Beth?” “I told Beth everything and she is quite eager to watch you and me go at it.” “She does realize I plan to fuck her, right?” “I imagine she knows it is a possibility,” my sister responded, giving my cock a squeeze, before adding with a pouty face, “You are not hard.” I shrugged, “And Della?” “She will be there too,” my sister revealed.

Once they were off, I spoke to Della, “Today, Sandra is your sub. Sandra beg Della for the privilege of being her dyke slut.” Sandra was mortified by the turn of events, but looked up from her subservient position and asked, “Della, may I please be your sub?” I scoffed, “That wasn’t believable, you can do much better than that.” She sighed too, but upped the ante when she got nasty, “Della, may I please lick your pussy and pleasure you like you have me so many times?” Della looked to me and then, her confidence building, just as mine had, she ordered, “Get licking, slave.” Sandra had to reach up to reach Della’s pussy.

The scene lasted a couple of minutes before Della, clearly uncomfortable standing, ordered, “Sandra, crawl to the couch.” Sandra obeyed, her face slightly shiny from Della’s juice.

Della, beginning to get more comfortable with her new position of power, ordered, “Clean my soles with your tongue.” Sandra’s look showed her unhappiness with the order and her new position, but she obeyed lifting Della’s right foot up to her face.

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Her moans became a constant rhythm and increased the second shy sweet Della screamed, “I’m coming slut, keep licking me!” Seconds later, Della’s undeniable orgasmic scream filled the room and spurred Beth on.

” Beth, who I knew from conversations with Sandra, had allowed Della and a couple of others to please her, had never returned the favour, although Beth and my sister had made out at a party for their boyfriends once.

Beth looked at me with a look of frustrated desperation before giving in completely, “Della, can I please lick your pussy?” Della glanced over at me with a smile, before straddling Beth’s pretty face.
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