Lesbian cum in the girlfriend’s mouth

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Lesbian cum in the girlfriend’s mouth

Laura tried not to look at Candy much, because whenever Candy saw her looking she would say something like, “Um, thanks, but I’m not really into girls, you know? Unless, like, a boy is watching, and then it’s totally hot.” It made Laura blush bright red every time and arguing with Candy would just result in a stream of claims about how Laura had been ogling Candy’s tits or something equally humiliating, so she just stayed focused on her work and tried to pretend she had no co-workers.

“Laura, meeting in my office before we start,” he said brusquely, and Laura had no choice but to follow him to his small dingy office.

“As you’re aware, Laura, you work at the Department of Families. Now, there’s no law against being a lesbian, and your employment here isn’t in any danger. But we work with a lot of people from a lot of cultures, including Muslims, Christians, conservatives – we could really offend someone if we sent a staff member to deal with them, and then it turned out she was a lesbian. So what you need to do is fill out a formal declaration of sexuality, and then we use that to make sure we don’t put you in any positions where the fact that you lick cunt will offend people.” He showed Laura a yellow form, with what looked like a list and check boxes.

“It’s okay, Laura, almost done. We just need this. To your knowledge, does anyone have any compromising photos of you, of your partner, or the two of you together?” Laura thought of the photo she had emailed just yesterday.

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God, Amy could even see how wet Laura was while Laura still had her clothes on.

Amy buckled Laura’s wrists and ankles in place, and then put a strap across Laura’s waist.

Laura didn’t mind the women in the films – they were all gorgeous, and Laura would have happily fucked any of them.

“Thank you for letting me cum like a slut. Thank you, Royce, for watching me cum.” Amy smiled down at her, pleased at Laura’s thanks, but she neither released Laura nor let her cum.

“What is with you today, Laura? Are you all right?” “I have a flu,” Laura mumbled.
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