Lesbian teen school girls seduce and fuck their prude classmate

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Lesbian teen school girls seduce and fuck their prude classmate
The young girl slowly lifted her eyes from Ashley’s crotch, to linger for a moment on the extent of bra and cleavage visible under her loose jacket and partly-open shirt, and then to meet Ashley’s direct gaze.

Ashley smiled warmly at her, and introduced herself: ‘Hi, I’m Ashley.

With a glance in either direction, Ashley grasped the girl’s hand, and tugged her behind a large nearby tree, out of view from the road. Quickly pushing the pretty teenager back against the tree trunk, she kissed her firmly and deeply, and the girl’s lips parted willingly as she thrust her own tongue into Ashley’s mouth in return.

The young woman’s breath caught for a moment, as the girl boldly took the initiative – her hands dived down to grasp Ashley’s skirt and undo the two remaining buttons, letting it hang wide open, after which she pushed her eager fingers onto Ashley’s bare pussy.

‘Oh, my God!’ she gasped into the phone, ‘Oh, wowie! – that was just so amazing, I’ve never done myself so good like that before! Thanks, Ashley!’ Then she asked if she could listen to Ashley making herself come, and the older woman happily obliged – her flat was in an old building with solid walls, and she did not have to worry about neighbours overhearing.

Ashley parked her car nearby, and they started to walk towards them – Ashley deliberately hanging back to let Christina take the lead. Both had carefully selected their outfits to be sexually enticing: Christina had decided to be similar in style to yesterday, partly to be sure that the biker woman would recognise her, but she had added a pair of white boots from her cheerleader outfit below the petite pink shorts.

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Ashley gained a sudden surge of energy: she could not resist the chance to take her turn with a strap-on, but she wanted to give it to Belinda with the black woman on her back, legs spread wide, so that Ashley see her face and grab her tits whilst she fucked her.

Christina came to Ashley’s house on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday afternoons and evenings, and on Sundays Ashley collected her and they drove to the meeting place of the biker girls and spent the day with them.
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