Lisa Ann gets a massage

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Lisa Ann gets a massage
Going through their normal routine the next morning, Tom and Lisa take care of their chores and eat breakfast.

Tom then went into his office and made a few phone calls while Lisa did some relatively normal things for a girl her age.

“OK, so if you are here and masturbating, you can have your head turned to the side and maybe have your ear buds in pretending to listen to music. I can bring them down here to ‘show’ them the new TV and we catch you spread out and playing with yourself. You can watch us in the mirror watching you. Think that would work?” Lisa imagines it for a moment then quickly looks at her dad. “Go stand at the door, let’s practice a bit and see if it works.” Tom heads to the door and turns to stand.

A moment later, Tom escorts the two men into the living room where Lisa sits anxiously.

Lisa chats with them a little bit, the men having immediately notices the outfit as Lisa made a bit of an effort to show it off.

Lisa would bend and move and twist so as to show her budding breasts to the men and Tom saw they both noticed.

Tom encouraged their glances a bit by commenting what a pretty young woman Lisa was turning into and Jim and Dave eagerly agreed.

Lisa fake rolls her eyes and responds, “Oh now it’s boring grownup talk uh? I guess I’ll get some more coke and go watch TV.” Lisa goes to the kitchen to refill her glass when she notices the bunch of carrots on the bottom shelf.

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Lisa feels their eyes on her naked form and she involuntarily rubs and pumps a bit faster.

Tom glances to the mirror and sees Lisa smile as her fingers and her hand pick up the pace.

In the interval before Lisa joined them, Tom indicated there might be more opportunity to see that if they wanted, but he did so subtlety and they weren’t quite sure what he was saying, but the seed was planted.

His hips thrust gently and instinctively, Lisa reduced her hand stroking and even allow his trusting to rock the head in and out past her lips, subtly fucking her mouth.

Tom works his way down Lisa’s back, then around to her flat stomach.
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