Madison Scott’s perfect body is used and by guests at Armory party

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Madison Scott’s perfect body is used and by guests at Armory party
“Stop sucking up to the neighbours,” Nicole quipped as she pulled him back to his chores, “He’s never going to let you drive it.” Unexpectedly there was the chime of her new doorbell and her eyes widened looking at Carl for guidance.

“What? Oh yes no problem.” By the time Nicole had return with four tall glasses of champagne Carl and the Buggerman’s were laughing and talking animatedly.

Then giving Nicole a sexy knowing wink over her shoulder she began fiddling with his zipper adding; “Let me help you with that trapped monster my dear.” Nicole made a silent gasp her lips open but incapable of getting the words out.

Nicole could see it throbbing in her grip her hand teasing back his foreskin Carl groaning but unable or unwilling to move “Oh Carl,” She groaned, Nicole wanting him to help her, and stop letting that witch touch him.

Two neighbours down between their legs pleasuring them intently, expertly even, both Nicole and Carl ashamed by their own groans, and disgusted by their partner’s similar noises.

The woman began to slowly jerk his cock as Mr B pushed his harnessed wife onto the seat her arms flailing and begun to take big firm slaps of her inviting raised ass With each swipe the gagged Nicole groaned and Carl’s body shuddered in anger and humiliation.

“Come on come on pony take my hungry cock.” Nicole could only gargle and make strange high-pitched gasps the man continuing his verbal assault “Oh honey,” he gasped pulling her head back kissing her cheek,”No wonder the fucking cucumber snapped, you’re sooo tight!” He called to his wife as she slowly rode Carl.

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Now standing in black-heeled boots, black cock and blouse the tall athletic dominatrix held onto Nicole’s hair as Mr B withdrew his spittle covered cock.

“Oh Jesus no please,” Nicole begged pushing herself up seeing Madison take her husbands cock and as Carl wriggled in his drugged state direct it at his ass.

“Oh no you can’t oh ohhhhhhhhh!” Nicole wails masked Carl’s gagged grunt of horror.

At the same time the evil Madison forcefully tugged Nicole’s head back towards Carl’s cock head making her to swallow to her throat limit again.
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