Makin’ A Little Black Baby

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Makin’ A Little Black Baby

I felt her hips begin to lift and press her damp woman hole into my face as she went on, “Damn Petey! SHIT! boy that feels SO fuckin good!” As I licked harder and faster, Katherine’s purple cunt lips commenced to peelin outwards and a firm knob poked out from where her lips come together over her pussy hole.

I slowly licked over it and sucked on it as Miss Jackson went to screamin, “Wooo shit!, wooo SHIT! WOOO SHIT PETEY!, Wait a minute boy!” Her thighs came up and lifted my face from her cunt.

She rolled onto her back while her hands pulled me over her, now I was straddling her face, facing her feet, with my dick bent down into her mouth.

She scowled at me and said, “You think I don know wut I’m doin?, I’m gonna hold you back till I’m bout ready ok Petey! Now get yo skinny white ass over here and eat my hard-up nigga pussy!” Her ghetto accent and dirty talking had my dick so hard acat couldn’t scratch it! The way she called me her “White ass” and called herself a “Hard-up nigga pussy” just made me think of what a naughty and exciting thing we was doin.

I knew then that this big, beautiful, black, pussy was about to cum right on my face! Our bodies curled into each other, each pressing our groins and our faces firmly into one another.

Squirt, suck, swallow squirt, suck, swallow over and over again, we were both breathlessly enjoying this same routine for what seemed like thirty seconds until our aching and sensitive pubes could.
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