Married Aunt’s House

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Married Aunt’s House
One of my cousins was getting married in the town where Aunt Ellen lives and I flew in for the wedding.

As we walked, I could feel Aunt Ellen’s warm breast bobbling against the top of my hand.

Surprisingly, my Aunt’s large boobs had not sagged that much over the years.

After we got inside, my Aunt plopped down on the sofa with her head back and eyes closed.

Aunt Ellen opened her eyes slightly and caught me staring between her legs.

I could tell it had been a long time since Aunt Ellen had a cock, as she absolutely worshipped mine.

Wow, I thought, Aunt Ellen’s pussy is as big and warm as ever – even though my cock was now roughly twice the size it was when I was 12.

Aunt Ellen’s pussy was large and sloppy, and her mound and ass were soft and pillowy to push against.

I slid my softening cock out of my Aunt’s pussy and watched some of my cum trickle out of her gaping hole and down into the crack of her ass.

My confusion turned to amazement when I saw Aunt Ellen pull a pillowcase full of assorted dildos from a drawer.

My look of shock turned to a smile as I watched my Aunt cover the dildo with lube and position herself doggy-style in front of it.

Aunt Ellen looked up at me and said that this “little friend” had kept her happy for years.

Aunt Ellen gasped and moved back even more, allowing the machine to penetrate her more deeply with each thrust.

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With her teeth clenched, Aunt Ellen hissed “You have to fuck me in the ass now. please!” I definitely needed some satisfaction of my own, but I didn’t think there was any way I could fit my cock, large by human standards, up her ass while that rubber horse cock was embedded just below in her pussy.

Aunt Ellen turned the machine down to slow gentle thrusts as the head of my cock tried to push past the tight ring of her asshole.

As I slid in to the hilt, Aunt Ellen quietly turned the dial up again and I felt the horse cock thrust faster and deeper next to my cock.

Holding out as long as I could, I lurched forward and shot load after load deep into my Aunt’s bowels as her own orgasm was subsiding.

I quickly stopped pushing as my Aunt said “You have to spread my pussy and pull me off of the thing.” I stood up and straddled Aunt Ellen, my cock and balls resting on her back as I placed my hands on her cunt lips on each side of the giant dong.

An inch at a time, I slide my Aunt’s body off of the big rubber pole.

The big dark gooey beast bobbed menacingly as it popped free and I looked down in awe at my Aunt’s gaping cunt.
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