Mature blonde fuck the guest

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Mature blonde fuck the guest
Pam had her legs tightly crossed, as the towel she was wearing was not particularly long.

Pam started to laugh at the tiny bathing suit, and said that there was no point in putting on something that was that small.

Pam tied the top behind her back, and then around her neck.

Pam asked if I thought that she should just put the towel back on and forget about the pool.

Pam gave me a shocked look, after having assumed that I had one under the towel the whole time.

Pam asked why I didn’t get all the way in, and I told her that I was happy to just soak my feet and enjoy the view.

Pam didn’t know that I had heard all her talk earlier today with Mom, about how sexually frustrated she was.

Pam started to flirt back, saying that it wasn’t fair that she had to wear such a skimpy suit, and I got to see so much of her, yet I was wearing such long shorts.

Pam had clearly seen what was underneath, so she knew exactly what would happen if she got what she was asking for.

Pam paddled over to the shallow end and walked up to me.

Pam started to back up as she finally looked down at what she had uncovered.

Pam reached behind her neck and slowly started to pull at the tie string on her bikini top.

Pam came up close to me again, and my erection was rock hard, but still pinned against my leg by the now tightly rolled shorts.

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Pam tossed my suit to the side and laid back, floating away from me.

Pam looked directly at my rock hard erection, and asked if that meant that I wasn’t hard by accident.

Pam told me to give her a minute to visit the little girls’ room before I came upstairs.

Pam got out of the pool and strutted her wide hips inside the house.

Pam wasn’t as tight as Mom was, or at least used to be, before “Angela” got her hard ride the other week.

Pam came up for air and got up on her knees and said that she would rather have me finish inside of her.
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