Mature fat Russian seduces boy

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Mature fat Russian seduces boy
Although Dee seemed to have taken the loss too deeply her mother, Sheen seemed to have come to terms with the loss in a few days.

Aunt Sheen told me I could sleep in Dee’s room as she’s not home.

“Just a minute, Sweety”, I heard Aunt Sheen say from within, and after a couple of minutes saw my aunt bustling towards me from inside.

Aunt Sheen was making small talk from the kitchen which was right next to the living room.

“No its fine, sweetheart. I’ll get it.”, said Aunt Sheen.

I sat on the couch facing the TV as Aunt Sheen began setting the dinner on the coffee table.

Apart from the quite tight nightgown she was wearing, Aunt Sheen had also applied a light beige lip-gloss, which went quite well with her dark complexion.

After finishing Aunt Sheen asked me how the dinner was.

Aunt Sheen picked up the plates and went to the kitchen.

Aunt Sheen’s chocolate cakes had been my favorite ever since I was little.

After finishing the slice of cake Aunt Sheen and I began talking about the family.

“Good night, sweetheart!” said Aunt Sheen smiling, watching me climb the stairs to the second floor.

Aunt Sheen’s bedroom was right between the kitchen and the bathroom.

I suddenly had an image in my mind where instead of Dee, it was her mother, Aunt Sheen, who was bent over me and letting me fondle her lovely, large boobs.

Suddenly, I thought I heard a rustling sound from the doorway and even before I could reach out to pause the video a hand grabbed my wrist and I looked up to see Aunt Sheen standing in the open door.

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I felt like a moron on being caught jerking off and was about to open my mouth and apologize when Aunt Sheen simply put a finger on my lips to shush me.

My lust must have overcome my senses by now because I found it harder and harder to apologize as Aunt Sheen tightened her grip on my cock and began to jerk me.
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