Mature lady seduces & fucks a tight blond teen

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Mature lady seduces & fucks a tight blond teen
“So, Rachel, how did it feel to have both of those cocks in you at the same time?” After a deep breath, Rachel replied, somewhat breathlessly “About twice as good as it felt to have them in me one at a time. They had fucked me separately beforehand, if you must know.” “Did you feel filled up when they shot their come into you?” “Yes, they filled me up, so that it ran down my ass cheeks and legs”.

“Good! You should get out of the rest of those clothes now.” Rachel quickly removed her skirt and lacy panties, when Harriet asked, “By the way, what happens if another customer comes in?” A look of shock came over Rachel’s face.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! It hurts, Harriet, and it feels good. Oh fuck me! Make me come!” Harriet began to move the vibrator in and out in long slow strokes, and reached her other hand under Rachel’s belly to stroke her now puffy pussy lips, then her clit.

Sensing Rachel’s approaching orgasm; Harriet pulled out the vibrator, and took her hand out of Rachel’s pussy.

“Oh, please, let me come!” “Not yet, Rachel. I need to let you build up to a bigger climax than you are ready for yet. Besides, I haven’t been satisfied in my playing with you yet, and my satisfaction here is key. Now, stand up!” Rachel stood up, as Harriet pulled out a set of handcuffs and quickly snapped them on Rachel’s wrists.

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Rachel cried out, “OOOWWWW! That hurts sooooo much! I’m so close to coming. OOOHHHH, make me cum, Harriet.” Suddenly, the clip popped off and her left breast bounced with the removed pressure, blood rapidly refilling the vessels in the nipple, which caused excruciating pain.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH, Gooooood! Harriet pulled the vibrator out of Rachel, and rammed into her own cunt. With her other hand she began to strum her grape sized clit. She came as strongly as Rachel had. Rachel’s orgasm began again as she watched Harriet come. Harriet’s knees buckled, but she caught herself from falling, as she called out,”Oh, Rachel, you cunt, you made me come.
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