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Me & my girl
Then Eric looked at me and said, oh baby girl it isn’t fair that you only have on your panties and I have on my pants, would it be ok if I took my pants off so that I am just in my underwear with you? I looked at Eric and smiled, yes that would be very nice Eric I said.

What are you excited about baby girl? About being with you, so close and feeling so very special to be our baby girl Eric.

What is all of that, that came out of your cock Eric? That is called cum baby girl.

Do you want to suck my cock for me now? Oh yes Eric, I would love to suck your cock for you.

Is my little girl ready to play with Eric tonight? Yes I am Eric.

As Eric kisses me, he slowly guides my little pussy right over the top of his nice hard cock.

Eric’s fingers match my pace and before I know what is happening, I feel my tight little pussy contracting around Eric’s fingers as I am getting ready to cum all over them.

What Daddy had not told Eric was, is that he intends on sharing his baby girl with several other men who would love to have their cocks sucked by a little girl and stuff their dicks into her little pussy for their pleasure.

Do you feel how hard my cock is sitting between your legs? Yes Eric, it is very hard and feels so nice and warm between my legs Eric.

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Hey baby girl, there is a camera here, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see how my cock looks inside of your little pussy? Would you let me take a few pictures? That would be very nice Eric.

Once Eric has finished filling me up, he lays me down on the bed, his cock still inserted.

Eric starts to take photos of his cock still inserted as far as it will go inside of me.

Eric fucked my mouth for a bit, then pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up so that he could slide his rock hard cock into my pussy again.

Just as Eric tells me to cum, I start cumming all over his hard cock.

Eric keeps his cock inside of me as he rolls us both over and has me lay on top of him with his cock still inside of me.

Eric grabs me and moves while keeping his cock deep inside of my little pussy and lays me down on the bed so that he may fuck me harder.

Suck Eric’s cock and make him cum in your mouth little one.
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