Megan Rain Likes it Rough

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Megan Rain Likes it Rough
We let our hand graze her tits and felt her legs and stomach Megan said: “Thinking about that guy in high school you were so hot for?” “Yeah mom, you’ve told us before how hot he was and how he would try and feel you up.” I said.

“So, my two little nosey kids want to know all about him?well.let me get my robe on and we’ll all get in my bed and I’ll tell you all about ‘Stan’, my old boyfriend. Megan and I already had pajamas on and we all headed for moms bedroom, very excited. As teens we were about to hear a real life story about having sex.if she would go that far. Mom went in the bathroom and Megan and I got under the covers and talked quietly.”Chuck I bet she ‘might’ tell us about her first sex!do ya think?” Megan was getting herself all horny as we giggled and did quick feels on us.

Megan had some wonderful tits and I love to feel them.

I wanted to reach over and feel Chuck’s boner, mom had caught me doing it before but just smiled and pretended not to see.

My boner feels big against her leg, but I can’t help it.

Feeling Megan’s leg under mine isn’t helping it stay down any.

My two little horny kids, I’ve seen glimpses of them coping feels on each other and pretended to ignore them.

I love the feel of them, her wet pussy on one leg and his stiff erection on the other.

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Time to turn out the light and pretend not to see or feel a thing.

Pussy and then inside deep as he found a wonderful spot to feel.

The thoughts wouldn’t go away as that first feeling ofa.

Later we’ll have our time to fuck and fuck all we want Feeling mom is just adding to my mega hornies.

Now his erection was big and up against my leg, all warm and I could feel it throbbing on me.

I let my finger feel her pussy all around as she quivered and moaned.

Chuck kept pumping his cum in my mouth as both their tongues kept my clit jumping with over the top feelings.

Megan kept my fingers working the feelings in her pussy as she rubbed her clit.
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