MHBHJ – Coercing Riley

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MHBHJ – Coercing Riley
One night after Allen had treated my body with some very special attention and I was wobbling down the hall to the bathroom to clean up, I thought I heard our backyard gate click but disregarded it since Riley our dog hadn’t barked.

Out of the corner of my eye as I stood at the sink I noticed Riley standing near the hedges and wondered why was he up and about this late.

Upon closer examination I notice another object or something very close to Riley, I moved into the dining area near the patio doors for a better view and made it out it as a person kneeling down behind Riley as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized it was my neighbors son naked behind Riley they were butt to butt, at first I did not understand what I was witnessing and had to take a few minutes to slowly digest what I was seeing.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes, Riley yelped and his penis slipped out of Kenny’s ass and Kenny fell to the ground as though he was totally exhausted.

Saturday finally arrived my husband left about 9AM and wasn’t expected to home until around 6PM; around 10AM Kenny entered the back yard and came up to the patio door peered into the house to see if anyone was still around satisfied that one was home he immediately went over the Riley, he filled his bowl with the food I had pre-positioned on the back porch.

After Riley finished eating, Kenny looked around as though to to see if anyone could see him from the alley or the house to our left, apparently there wasn’t any way someone could see his sexual exploits and proceeded to take off his shorts.

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Kenny then turn his rear to Riley and petted his butt, as though he was trained for this act, Riley mounted and began to hunch and find Kenny’s asshole it took several tries but he eventually found his mark and the expression on Kenny’s face showed sheer joy with a mixture of pain.

I could see his cock ease further and further out of its sheath, then Riley begin to hunch very fast Riley was doing a funny little dance with his rear legs, Kenny had now lowered his head to the ground and appeared to pulling my grass up by its roots, then Riley slowed and the little dance stopped he then lifted his leg over Kenny ass and they were now butt to butt.

Kenny laid there for about ten minutes and begin to play with Riley.

Riley rolled over on his back and Kenny rub his stomach, played with his ears and then proceeded to jack Riley off, once Riley cock begin to unseat itself, Kenny lowered his head again and took Riley’s cock into his mouth.
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