Mia khaliaf – Sean Lawless Gets His Dick Sucked In The Shower

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Mia khaliaf – Sean Lawless Gets His Dick Sucked In The Shower
Mia starts to smile back, giggling, but then is shocked as they reach down on either side of the plastic container and quickly snap the airtight cover closed, each of them grabbing an end and lifting the container up with her inside it-immediately heading for the exit at the front of the store! “Hey! Hey, what are you doing?!” Mia shouts at them.

Mia tries to turn, and suddenly knows the full, content feeling she had is because Andrew’s dick is filling her moist pussy! She finally looks back at Andrew and realizes he’s naked as well.

Her pleated skirt has been lifted up and pulled back so she can see that Andrew’s dick is firmly inside her tight pussy, and the up-down motion she felt is Andrew holding onto her perfectly rounded little ass, lifting Mia up and down on his swollen cock! “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHH!!!!” Mia screams in terror under the ball-gag, feeling Andrew’s cock pump its warm seed inside her, unaware just how long he’s been doing it, and if he’s already knocked her up.

With Pete’s cock in her mouth and Andrew’s own prick deep in her ass, Andrew’s now free to being fondling Mia’s tits and fingering her super-wet Asian pussy.

Before Mia knows it, she’s got cum leaking from her ass as Andrew shoots his wad inside her, and she’s gulping down Pete’s sperm eagerly, its saltiness tingling the inside of her mouth.

Pete half-crouches behind Mia, using his friend’s knees for support as he slides his hardened cock into Mia’s lubed asshole, both her holes now filled up as she continues telling Andrew what a good boy he is, and how much she loves feeding him…an emotion unintentionally becoming more and more real for Mia by the moment, as her rhythmic riding of Andrew’s cock allows Pete to synch his rhythm with them, enhancing the experience for all three.

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The sunlight being cast through the van’s forward window begins lengthening into afternoon shadow, as Mia and Andrew cum simulataneously at least three times, Pete always a split instant behind them, but his cock shooting hot sticky sperm into Mia’s ass just as Andrew’s seed seeks to bury itself within her womb.
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