Mofos – Bonnie Shai gets pounded on the bus

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Mofos – Bonnie Shai gets pounded on the bus
“Is there a reason why you were lying on the floor of a moving Bus?” “NO, NO! No, sir! None at all! Uh, I meanI’ll just go back to my seat now.” Ron sits back down in the back as the Bus comes to a complete stop.

Kim is placed 2 rows behind Ron and five students to the left, while Ron is directly behind Bonnie.

“Gimme an R!” Ron looks confused, as he’s the only one in the Gym with her.

“STOPPABLE!!!” Ron is snapped back into reality to see Mr. Barkin staring a hole through him from a distance.

Ron tries to make his way over to Kim through the crowd, when he notices Bonnie kissing Star QB Brick Flagg on the lips, then giving him a slap on his butt.

Ron looks around and sees Bonnie with a joyous grin on her face as she looks at Brick.

As Mr. Barkin finishes up announcing the partners, Ron gets up and makes his way to the Cabin he was assigned, hoping to avoid Bonnie’s wrath.

” Ron gets up from his check and comes back at Bonnie.

” Bonnie gets angry a shoot down a mean look at Ron.

” Ron is about to come back at her again, when he decides to just let it slide.

” Bonnie turns her back to Ron and lies down on her bed.

Inside Bonnie & Ron’s Cabin, Bonnie gets up to get a drink of water.

” Bonnie carefully begins to grab Ron’s Boxers, trying not to wake him up.

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“WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Bonnie sits up and quickly forces her hand on Ron’s mouth to shut him up.

“Would you shut up, Stoppable?” Ron snaps back in and realizes it’s not a dream.

Ron feels like he’s about to blow when he gets a glimpse of Bonnie ass from under her skirt with the moonlight hitting it just right, to give it that glow.

“II can’t help it. I just gotta touch that Pussy!” Ron takes his Middle & Ring Fingers and puts them together, then lifts her skirt and slides them into Bonnie’s Wet Box.

“Do you have to Fuck up everything, Stoppable?” Ron looks close to begging.

Ron is sucking on Bonnie’s Firm, Round Tits as he keeps pounding her.
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