Molly Jane in Step daughter Saves My Marriage

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Molly Jane in Step daughter Saves My Marriage
He turned to Brian and attempted to explain- ‘Brian, look-we were going to tell you- we were just waiting for the right time…’ Brain punched him, Tom fell to the floor ‘you fucking bastard, you sneaky filthy cunt!’ Brain kicked him in the stomach and ribs again and again ‘BRIAN! BRIAN STOP IT PLEASE!!!’ Carrie pulled Brian away- he turned and looked at his Wife- tears were rolling down her cheeks- she hadnt attempted to get dressed just wrapped the quilt around her naked body.

Just get the fuck out of my house NOW!’ ‘I’ll go- but ill be back for my daughter- ill come by tomorrow and we’ll talk then’ She turned and walked away- Brian watched her perfect arse cheeks walking away from him, he fought back the tears.

‘Well bro- guess this is goodbye- im sorry though- really i am’ ‘fuck you tom- i hope you two are happy together- a druggie and a slut!! Perfect couple- now fuck off both of you!’ They walked out into the night, Tom wrapped his coat around Carries shoulders.

‘what do you want?’ Brian asked ‘Brian please- im sorry.

Part of him wanted to slap her and throw her out- the other part of him wanted to fuck her till she screamed for him to stop.

‘You wanna be fucked? I’ll fuck you- harder then Tom ever could- Deeper then Tom ever could- and youll scream- and youll cry- like ive cried.

‘Shut up slut- Molly will be back in a few hours- and i want you gone by then- but before that im going to fuck you like the whore you are.

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‘im going to fuck you over and over again- I haven’t come in weeks- since the night before I caught you with Tom.” Carrie was crying- and he looked at her- she had lost so much weight- her ribs and hips were sticking out’ Her face had lost its warmth and was now gaunt and pale.

‘Shut the fuck up BITCH’ He thrust the rest of his cock into her cunt- and spat on the bottom of his shaft again.

‘My brother for fuck sake? Im better then him! Why him? How long was it going on for?’ Carrie was sitting on the bed crying- a sheet wrapped around her.
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