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“Because you have a hard-on, darling? Don’t be silly I know what I’ve done to you. I’ve made your cock as hard as a rock. you don’t need to try hiding it, lover. Come sit beside me and try to relax. Don’t be afraid.” Her cunt was itching with desire for the horny young kid.

Just the thought of taking such a long hard young cock in her cunt made her writhe with lust.

His cock jerked between his legs as hoe sucked her cunt.

Joey mounted her and poked his cock against her cunt in a wild frenzy.

Her cunt clutched at his cock like a dozen hands squeezing him tightly.

“Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me, stud! I need it! Oh, Joey, it’s been so long since I’ve had a cock up my cunt! You don’t know what you’re doing to me, darling boy! Fuck met Fuck my cunt!” she moaned, grinding her pussy against the kid’s cock.

Joey! Get on Your knees and shove your cock into me! I feel like a bitch in heat, darling, so fuck me like a dog! Fuck me hard! Make me feel it!” Joey got on his knees behind her and guided his jerking cock between the open lips of her cunt.

“Your cock is just beautiful, Thad, so long and thick, and so hard! I just have to kiss it! You don’t mind do you?” “K-kiss it? You really gonna do that, Mom?” “Of course, darling! I’ll do more than kiss it, son!’ Thad stared in disbelief when his luscious mother bent over his aching cock and planted a wet kiss on the naked head. She held his jerking cock in her hand, making it stand straight up from his groin.

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Her Name Is Alex

“Ummmmmmm! Your cock is delicious, Thad! It’s so slippery. I’ve never seen a cock ooze so much fuck juice. I just love the taste it. It’s so hot and salty. I have to have more. Do you mind if I give you a blow job, son?” “A blow job? You mean you’re gonna suck my cock?” “I’m going to suck it until you shoot your cum right down my throat, darling boy! I’m going to drain every last drop of jizz out of your beautiful big balls!” Thad almost passed out when his mother opened her mouth as wide as she could and wrapped her wet lips around the head of his jerking cock.
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