Mom Girl Teens FIRST lesbian Sex with step-mom

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Mom Girl Teens FIRST lesbian Sex with step-mom
While right outside Olives cousin Cora watched in shocked awe through the sliding glass door that led out onto the deck where she crouched rubbing her pussy, her underwear hanging from one knee.

As Abby yearn for her friends return, she wrapped herself inside Olives essence.

Noticing how very hot her pussy was getting she quickly stripped them off leaving her pussy bare in one motion as she tossed them away carelessly.

” Karen said wasting no time dropping to her knees in front of her daughters friend and began licking her pussy and slurping her nectar from between her little pussy lips.

As the taste of her started to register Karen thought to herself “Why does this girls pussy taste like someone just came inside her?” but she kept going until Abby woke up and moaned.

Karen froze as Olive voiced the words forming in her head. “Why are you moaning my brothers name!? Did you just have a weird sex dream about my brother Owen!?” Abby blinked and focused on Olive “No, no dream.

Abby looked down her body in stunned shock as she yelped “Olive, why the shit is your mom naked between my legs with what I can only assume is my pussy juice all over her face!?” “Oh you’d like to know that huh, well I’d like to know how you ended up fucking my brother and let him cum inside you!? So I guess we all have questions, but lets start off with this.

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” Olive told Abby “I think we should test out my theory though.

” Karen kept eating Abby’s pussy the whole time thinking about how she sucked her sons cum out of Abby.

Abby began to moan as Olives mom Karen began to suck her clit rolling her tongue across it as she started to slowly finger her willing pussy.

Abby greedily kissed back as she arched he back forcing her pussy against Karens talented mouth.

Abby squealed as Olive broke off the kiss and started attacking her breasts while at the same time Karen slid two inside her, rapidly thrusting and twisting them around inside her.

As Abby released Karens hair when Karen began wiggling her fingers still trapped inside the teens spasming cunt as Abby’s body remained arched she bucked against Karens writhing tongue.
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