mom helps son School Project !

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mom helps son School Project !

Terry sat in his room talking to his friend Louis, “Yeah man I’d love to fuck her but there’s no way it can happen”.

Now Louis explained to Terry a plan to get Sherry to fuck and suck them.

Around ten his mom stuck her head into his room, “Hi honey watching porn”? “Mom please I’m working on my class project”.

Friday at school Terry and Louis discussed the plan; the two best methods for hypnotizing someone were a candle or a pendant.

To Terrie’s surprise she was back in the shorts, they were so tight you could plainly see the outline of her pussy lips.

“Mom please sit.” She did “Now I’m going to snap my fingers you will be wake up, you will remember nothing of this. You will smell the cum on your face and the taste in your mouth. You will not wash your face until bed time. Whenever you hear me say dingbat you will go back to this state, do you understand?” “Yes” Terry snapped his fingers her eyes blinked, “See honey I told you I’m too stupid to be hypnotized. Now I’m going down stairs to start dinner”.

“Hi Mrs. R how are you?” “Very Good Louis, you?” “Great where’s Terry?” “Upstairs in his room, do you want to stay for dinner?” “Sure, why not.” Louis got to Terries room in a flash, “Did it work?” “Damn right it worked she gave me the best blow job I’ve ever had, she swallowed every drop of cum.” “Wow that’s cool so know what?” “Well let’s eat I’m hungry then after diner well go in the den and see if it works again.” “Hey, look at these pictures.” The two guys looked at the photos with a renewed lust for her.

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Mommy needs help

Louis had his cock in his hand before Terry was naked, his cock as still soft but growing quickly.

Louis looked at Terry look at the front of her panties man they’re soaking wet.

He worked his finger in there for several minutes, “Ready mom?” “Yes, baby please go slow it’s my first time. Terry pushed his cock in; once he was in he held it in place for a minute for her to get used to it.”Ok baby fuck my ass!” Terry started pounding her almost immediately; she was moaning, rubbing her clit and pushing her ass back to meet his forward thrusts.
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