Mom sleeps and boyfriend play with his daughter

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Mom sleeps and boyfriend play with his daughter
Ben kisses her and tells both of them that outside of the house call him Ben.

Debbie grinds her pussy on Ben’s mouth and Odette grinds her hips on BIG FELLA. Ben enjoys all of his new slaves that night.

Ben tells her that is fine and Peggy kisses him and whispers to Ben to go greet them.

Ben grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders so that her weight is resting on BIG FELLA. Ben pulls her up and down on BIG FELLA putting more and more of his cock into his little fifteen year old slaves ass.

Ben then looks at Brianna and asks if she wants to suck on BIG FELLA. Harper moves out of the way, as she does Ben pulls her to him and kisses her and then sucks on her breasts.

Ben smiles at her know he is going to make that pussy his, Julie looks at Ben and knows what her new Master is thinking.

Ben starts jackhammering her pussy and Sydney starts moaning and grunting as Ben pounds her into submission.

Laurie waits for a couple of minutes until Destiny is done cuming into Ben’s mouth and then takes her off of Ben’s mouth.

Ben brings in Ben Junior and Tiffani and Janet bring in their newborn baby girls.

Ben rolls over still engaged in Julie and starts to pound her cervix and Julie pulls Ben down to her and tells him “Master, I think I am pregnant.

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Felicia tells Ben and Brianna that it was very arousing sucking on her breasts while she rode BIG FELLA. “OK, Felicia get on my face while Destiny sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard” Ben says.

Elaine reluctantly stops and Ben pulls out of Brianna and Elaine sees her chance and starts cleaning off BIG FELLA. Ben nods at Becky and tells her to let her do it for awhile.

“Ben, where are your manners. Come out here and give the girls a welcoming kiss” Becky says as she comes out the back door with Ben Junior.

Ben looks at him and shakes his head. Eun and her girls think he is saying no and she says “Please Master Ben, make us your slaves.
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