Mommy Fucked The Babysitter

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Mommy Fucked The Babysitter

Georgia’s first thought was, “How beautiful!” but she quickly corrected herself and proceeded to push the door open a little more to get a better look, and got the shock of her life as she saw that it wasn’t a boy Vicky was having sex with, but her eleven year-old sister Patty! “Patty!” Georgia whispered with a look of disbelief on her face as she pulled the door shut quietly.

Georgia gently stroked Vicky’s stomach and then she slid her hand up and down on Vicky’s thigh gently.

Georgia’s touching of her daughter’s young body quickly changed from affectionate to sexual as she began kissing Vicky’s head. Her hand went down to Vicky’s crotch as she ran her fingers through the downy blond hairs that had begun to grow Vicky’s on previously hairless crotch.

Vicky lifted her head and looked into her mother’s eyes as Georgia smiled at her.

Georgia’s fingers were now stroking the soft mound of Vicky’s pussy as she moved her head closer and kissed Vicky tenderly on her lips.

Vicky thrilled at her mother’s affectionate and loving gesture, and she squirmed on her Georgia’s lap as she kissed her mother back on her lips in a way that was not the kind of kiss that mother and daughter usually share.

Patty gazed up at her mother as Georgia removed her hand from Vicky’s pussy and started stroking hers, making her pussy tingle at her mother’s gentle touch.

Georgia smiled at her daughter as her hand stroked Patty’s pussy and as she continued kissing Vicky’s perfect little lips.

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Patty moved around behind her mother then and hugged her from behind drawing Georgia’s lips away from Vicky, finding the new kind of kissing very exciting.

Vicky moved up on the bed and getting on her hands and knees as her mother moved closer to the bed, Georgia gasped as Vicky buried her face in the forest of her mother’s pubic fur, inhaling the womanly scent and beaming up at her mother with a beatific grin.

Patty moved closer to Vicky and they started kissing each other as Georgia began stroking Patty’s little cunny while she licked at Vicky’s pussy.
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