Mommy girl full scene religious Step-daughter seduced by sinner Step-mom

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Mommy girl full scene religious Step-daughter seduced by sinner Step-mom
Sandy took her hand, pulled her up from the divan Bella looked up at the mistletoe, hanging there innocently from the ceiling fan, the red berries, deadly poisonous if eaten, glowed softly with the reflected firelight, and then she thought, Why not? Bella said slowly “Daughters aren’t supposed to want to fuck their mothers, Sandy” They started moving to the soft music rhythm, they both took sips from their flutes.

Sandy felt the plastic shaft press against her ass-hole… and then slowly, very slowly … Bella pushed it inside her anus Sandy stared up at her mother’s eyes as she felt the dildo enter her ass, going deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Oh my god, you’re so good Sandy, I have craved this for so long ” Sandy smiled up at her mother, Bella returned the smile and then slowly proceeded to buck her hips; she began to move faster and faster, looking directly at her daughter’s eyes.

Bella had purposely made of their relationship a slow race, letting Sandy take her own pace, she did not want for Sandy to get lost in her, to not being able to identify herself anymore, something she knew had to be the norm for her in their relationships for awhile; she wanted a committed relationship, not a plaything relationship; she wanted to have her in her bed every night, but not only on her bed, she was a perfect girlfriend and lover but she had found that she didn’t know what was happening inside her mind and heart.

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Sandy pushed her tongue in, deeper and deeper, over and over, licking her and sucking the funky juice of her own spit and Bella’s ass while her hips rotated, and she came, suddenly and powerfully, pushing up into Sandy mouth, the muscle of her asshole yielding and pulsing.

Sandy’s fingers were very gentle on her, barely rubbing and Bella felt her eyes open and then slam shut as Sandy’s face pressed anew between her cheeks, the tongue sliding against her closed ass-hole.

Sandy continued with her ministrations, making her mother feel incredible and she started to turn her head to look at her when Sandy pulled her fingers out wetly.
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