Moms Teach Sex – Mom seduces her virgin stepson

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Moms Teach Sex – Mom seduces her virgin stepson
“Joann please drop me off at Chris’s house, you do know where he lives, right?” After stopping to buy donuts she dropped Juan off and headed home.

“What’s the deal with a party Juan mentioned?” “Quite simple actually we find a mom we want to fuck recruit the son and within a few weeks she has a tattoo.” “The bonus is we get to fuck all of you as long as we get permission from your owners.” Joann heard her husband calling; she opened the door and yelled “I’ll be down ion a few minutes.” Jim gave her a big smile “After your shower stop back in I could use a blow job before I go to sleep.” “Ok give me a few minutes I’ll be back.” Twenty minutes later she walked into the den she sat in a chair next to her husband.

“Sure we can skip the whole thing, drop me off at my house so I can get your video on the internet before school ends.” “I was just kidding I can’t wait to be your property.” They entered the tattoo parlor and a large bearded man cam out, “Hi Juan is this yours?” “She sure is I want her marked to prove it.” “Are we doing the usual deal?” “Yes she will give you a blow job first, an ass fucking when you’re done.” Joann looked at Juan in amazement.

“Joann lets go in the back.” Once in the back Juan unbuttoned her blouse he unhooked her bra, as he moved her bra away her tits plopped out.

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Juan sat in a chair Joann was pushed to her knees, Gus took his cock out and she wrapped her lips around it.

Juan got up looked at Joann, “put your panties on, if you want a robe that’s fine but let’s get going.

” Joann looked at Juan “why do you want more women?” “That’s a good question, we want to have enough women so we can alternate fucking each others property without interruptions like husbands being home.
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