Moms Teach Sex – Step Mom and Step daughter tag team teen boyfriend

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Moms Teach Sex – Step Mom and Step daughter tag team teen boyfriend

Their stepmother Franny was finding herself very confused by what she was feeling about them and a bit ashamed Franny married Ted less then a year earlier and they were still happily in their honeymoon.

Franny couldn’t abide anything dirty in her immaculate home so she would always pick up the clothes and wash them.

” Okay Hannah, you win, Mommy cant tag you anymore , she’s too pooped out” ” Yay I win!” Hannah twirled around ” Okay okay, you win, what does the princess want for winning?” Franny asked panting Hannnah loked around the room with her finger sticking in the corner of her mouth , untill her eyes lighted on the bags sticking out of Marshall’s school backpack.

” We’ll put them out in a bowl, and I’ll bring some liquorice and blueberry for your step dad, he hates cherry cnadies” ” It’s okay, I’m not crazy about blueberry” ” Don’t take over Mommy that way”, Franny said flicking Hannahs nose, ” now, bath time, go” Hannah grabbed a handful of each from the bowls and ran off Franny brought the bowls of jelly beans up to Ted’s office.

” The boys tried sneaking these in, thought we should share to teach them about breaking rules”, Franny said cuddling up behind him, pressing her double D’s int the back of his head. He knew she was going to wantot have sex, again and the candy couldn’t hurt in giving him energy.

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What a horrible rude young man! To disrespect an older woman like this! To fornicate with her like a common trollop! To stuff their oversized penises into her waiting holes! To thrust over and over again in nothing but carnal bliss! To just want to fuck and cum and flood her womb with their manly seed! To make her their bitch making her beg for more and more of their mighty meat! Franny’s hands wandered down to her shorts and pushed them down so she finger her waiting cleft.

At the same time! How could that be possible, how could any woman take gorgeous cocks from such lithe athletic handsome young studs like her stepsons Franny fell down onto James’ bed and started fingering her self furiously with first one, then two , then three fingers imagining the girth in her.
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