Moms Teacher Sex – My BF Caught & Punished By Step-Mom

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Moms Teacher Sex – My BF Caught & Punished By Step-Mom
“Hi Sharon it’s Miss Hunter, I have Jeff with me this afternoon and just wanted to have a word with you about his punctuality these last few weeks…” The conversation went on for a few minutes and I began to ignore the pointless back-and-forth between my mom and Miss Hunter, until suddenly- “Yes that would be fantastic if you wanted to come up and have a chat. Right now? Yes that would be great I’ll see you soon” Miss Hunter stared daggers into my eyes as she slowly hanged up the phone.

Miss Hunter didn’t laugh at my mom’s attempt to loosen the tension in the room.

“Jeff, come sit down next to your mother” Miss Hunter shot at me firmly and gestured at the seat right next to mom.

Mom continued to lovingly pet my thigh as she also ignored Miss Hunter’s ranting as well.

Mom raised her eyebrows at Miss Hunter as if to say ‘you heard the boy’, but Miss Hunter was reluctant.

“Come on with the rest of it, Miss Hunter” Mom demanded.

“Aww see Miss Hunter. Look at the affect you would have on these boys if you would just show them a bit of attention. Jeff can barely contain himself.” Mom playfully mewled at Miss Hunter.

“Miss Hunter it’s okay, we just like to make sure he cums into something rather than all over the place. It’s quite obscene when we- he is not prepared for it.” Mom corrected herself.

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Miss Hunter opened her mouth as if to say something but mom quickly motioned with her eyes to get in front of me with the tissues.

Mom motioned again with her head to the floor and Miss Hunter took the queue as intended.

“Take your tits out” Mom demanded of Miss Hunter.

Mom grunted approvingly at Miss Hunters beautiful rack and motioned with her eyes to focus back onto my cock.

“Suck my thumb” Mom shot out at Miss Hunter confidently.

Finally, after alternating between soft kitten-like licks and gentle suckling around the tip of my cock, Miss hunter relaxed her jaw and began allowing what she thought was moms thumb, slowly enter her wet mouth.

My cock started rapidly tensing up and spitting short squirts of clear liquid as mom held my cock base tightly, aiming it right at Miss Hunter’s face.
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