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Most popular Eve Lawrence vid
After a few minutes of eating in relative silence, my Mom said, “Seth, tell us more about your trip home from school in that storm. I know the roads were really bad, but it seemed like it took you an awfully long time. You didn’t drive your truck here tonight. Did something happen to it that you’re embarrassed to tell us about?” I looked at Tara and she looked back at me, nodding slightly.

“Fabulous. Her Mom’s a great cook. Their house is really nice. It’s pretty, cozy, and warm. I really like Debbie and Tom.” I said, “My Mom and Dad fell in love with Tara. We talked a lot. Mom and Tara couldn’t stop yakking in the kitchen while they were getting dinner ready, and Dad told me Tara reminds him of Mom when she was Tara’s age. And, we told them the whole story of what happened to us the night we were driving home from school.” “How did they react?” Joshua asked.

“Merry Christmas, son.” Tara’s Mom came up and tapped Joshua on the shoulder, like someone who wanted to cut in on a dancing couple.

Tara finally said, “Mom, Dad, what’s wrong?” Joshua sighed and looked almost uncomfortable, but said nothing.

Amanda said, “We never did much in the way of gifts at Christmas. Usually, we just let Santa fill our stockings. And look, there’s one for each of us. Tara, honey, why don’t you get them down and bring them to us?” Tara brought each of us our stockings.

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“You already gave us our gift, one that no amount of money could ever buy. You brought our darling daughter home to us, alive and safe. No gift anyone could ever give will be better than that one. Now come on, Tara needs to take her Mom for a ride, and I really want to see what that beast of yours is like. Everyone grab their coats.” Christmas dinner with my parents was a huge success.

‘ Why don’t you open it, honey?” Tara took the tiny stocking and shook out a small package, not much larger than a pack of chewing gum.
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