Mother & Step son’s Secret Affair-Cory Chase -Family Therapy

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Mother & Step son’s Secret Affair-Cory Chase -Family Therapy

Seeing Alyssa’s not sleeping in her pink and white canopy bed, Grace’s heartbeat quickens, she feels faint.

You filthy fucking rapist!” Hearing Grace’s angry voice, both Brad and Alyssa turn their attention towards the doorway.

Grace rushed in directing all of her anger at Brad. He’s in complete shock, his cocks still shoved deep inside Alyssa.

Alyssa watched her mother advancing towards Brad she’s going to attack him again if doesn’t stop her now, she screams out.

“Did you rape Alyssa?” Alyssa quickly came to Brad’s defense.

“Grace please take Alyssa to her room….I need to speak with my son.

“Heck, Alyssa’s a pretty girl, you couldn’t help but relieve your needs with her,” he grasps Brad by the back of his neck.

” Alyssa giggled, tilting his cock to Grace’s lips.

” Grace gave his cock to Alyssa, stroking his nuts she smiled up at him.

” Before long Grace and Alyssa are laying beside each other, sideways on the king-size hotel bed, with their legs tangling over the edge.

Grace asked Alyssa why, she’s so addicted to her handsome sixteen year old step son.

Seeing Alyssa cum hard, when Brad vigorously fingers her cunt, licking and sucking her clit at the same time, Grace exclaims her need to be satisfied.

” With Alyssa’s strange show of permission, Brad shifted his attention to Grace.

” Suddenly, his fear of impregnating Alyssa came to mind, not mention possibility of impregnating Grace as well.

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Neighbour Catches Mom with Step-Daughter

“Oh don’t worry about it Bradley, Alyssa took one of my birth control pills this morning,” she paused, trying to get comfortable with what Alyssa told her.

Grace’s sudden show of passionate non-motherly attention makes it difficult to fuck Alyssa, but he keeps slowly thrusting into his lover, while at the same time, enjoying the way Grace’s soft warm lips feel on his lips.

Wanting to teach Alyssa, how to swing, although Grace and Jack aren’t really swingers.

Once Grace came down from the orgasm, she scolded Alyssa, sounding a bit turned on by what her little girl did.

” Brad kept ramming into Grace, he thought of what Grace just told Alyssa.
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