Multiple Orgasms, cuming hard 5 times

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Multiple Orgasms, cuming hard 5 times
Lily having control of the dildo now playfully put the base of the dildo firmly against her pubic bone and started to stoke it as if it was apart of her anatomy; smiling she looked at Tessa as Tessa pushed the joint into Lily’s sexy mouth.

Tessa reached over and began to touch Lily sexually for the first time as she ran her hand up the back side of Lily’s thigh and up under her mini skirt and started lightly rubbing her hand over Lily’s tiny ass.

“You know Lily, I have been attracted to you for a long time. Will you see if you can spend the night with me tonight?” Then she took Lily’s hand and led her to the shower hoping she would be able to fall asleep holding Lily tonight.

Tessa loved the way Lily was responding to her touch and turned Lily around and pulled Lily’s soap covered ass to her pubic bone then lovingly wrapped her arms around Lily’s torso cupping her firm breasts in her hands.

Lily turned around and gave Tessa a lustful kiss as she cupped Tessa’s butt cheeks in her hands and said with a wanting look, “Now it’s my turn to wash you.” Lily picked up the soap and began to lovingly explore Tessa’s petite naked body.

Lily sucked her clit unrelentlessly, squeezing Tessa’s ass and holding her head tight against Tessa until Tessa could take it no longer and pushed Lily’s head away gasping and wobbling at her knees.

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Tessa pushed Lily’s legs apart and said “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” She went down on her with Lily’s legs spread wide and began running her tongue up and down both sides of Lily’s inner lips; then put her tongue into her vaginal opening.

Lily lay her head back and stretched out her legs straight on both sides of Tessa and closed her eyes; picturing Keith laying over her in her mind as Tessa started to part Lily’s labia with increasing inward pressure.

With the dildo still inside of Tessa and Lily now laying in-between Tessa’s legs Lily kept pushing the dildo into her with her pubic bone; filling Tessa’s wet vagina to its max.

Tessa reached around Keith with both arms getting a good grip on Lily’s pelvis and rammed her hip into Keith’s butt driving his hard cock deep inside of Lily’s tight virgin pussy as they both almost fell on top of Lily.
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