Must Watch – Fantasy Glory Holes part 2

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Must Watch – Fantasy Glory Holes part 2
“Now, I’m going to touch myself, okay? With my right hand. You take your hand and touch me on my other side, just the way I do. I’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong.” “I won’t. I’ll do it exactly like you want me to. I I want to touch you.” “This isn’t about getting something you want, remember? This is about what I want. If I let you do it, that has to be enough.” “I understand. I only meant that I want to do whatever you want. You’re so beautiful, Linda Sue”, I gushed.

“Come back tomorrow night, after lights out. Don’t let anyone see. Put that in the drawer on your way out.” The next night I was breathless with anticipation, ready to do whatever Linda Sue asked.

I ached to keep petting myself, but Linda Sue only gave me permission for one stroke at a time, when I pushed the dildo into my mouth.

Linda Sue laid down on the bed and pulled her nightie up over her waist.

Tonight! After dark I slipped out of my dorm and made my way to Linda Sue’s cabin.

Linda Sue’s boyfriend’s pickup truck was parked on the gravel road beside Linda Sue’s cabin.

“She’ll really do it?” Linda Sue sniffed.

“Keep sucking it until I tell you to stop.” Linda Sue and her boyfriend watched as I sucked the dildo in and out of my mouth.

“What’s the matter with you?” Linda Sue demanded.

“Answer me.” “Yes, Linda Sue, I understand. And I’ll do what you said.” I was embarrassed, but excited.

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Jimmy came to Linda Sue’s cabin every night until camp ended, and so did I. They kissed, Linda Sue rubbed herself, and I rubbed my love button and sucked Jimmy’s cock until he came in my mouth, then I was allowed to climax.

Jimmy seemed more interested in cumming in my mouth than in kissing Linda Sue.

As far as I’m concerned, I have Linda Sue to thank for the fact that I generally have a cock shoved down my throat and cum on my face when I climax.
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