My Baby Sitters – Cute Young Babysitter Fucks Dad

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My Baby Sitters – Cute Young Babysitter Fucks Dad
The sight on the couch immediately made my cock spring to attention, and my wife whispered, “Wow. This is hot.” We tried to sneak into the room quietly, but the babysitter heard us and jumped.

My wife finally broke the awkwardness by saying, “Wellwe could help her out a little bit.” She turned off the TV and took the babysitter’s right breast in her hand as I took her left breast.

We began sucking her stiff pink nipples as the babysitter moaned, “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” My left hand went down to the babysitter’s wet taco to finger her, but my wife’s right hand was already there.

My wife said, “You’re overdressed, honey.” Not one to argue, I disrobed as fast as I could.

My wife said, “Suck him off!” as she helped the babysitter get on all fours.

The sitter went over and straddled my wife’s face as I eased my cock into my favorite pussy in the world.

Apparently my wife was on the edge, because shortly after the sitter and I began our kiss, my wife started into a powerful, screaming orgasm.

“DO HER! NOW!” my wife ordered as her orgasm subsided.

The sitter faced me and straddled my rock-hard cock as my wife held it up in the air.

My wife stood up and straddled my face as I was ridden like a bucking bronco.

My wife moaned from my tongue and also from the babysitter’s tongue as the sitter began to lick my wife’s puckering asshole.

My wife slid back underneath the sitter and began ravishing the sitter’s clit with her tongue.

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The sitter sat on the other end of the couch so that she could catch her breath as my wife bent over the side of the couch right in front of me.

It apparently gave the sitter a second wind as well, as she had slid underneath my wife in a 69 position and began sucking and licking my wife’s engorged clit.

My wife’s grunting became muffled, and I looked forward to see that it was because she had buried her face into the sitter’s bald kitty.

My wife’s tongue drove the sitter wild! Both of the women in front of me were grunting, moaning, and shrieking in the most erotic fashion.

The sitter then lapped some of my nectar off of my wife’s massive cahongas.
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