My boyfriend wants a different sex a hot

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My boyfriend wants a different sex a hot
Hello Is Jack avaible please yes miss he is wait here please.

Alright Jack don’t forget to take the temporary out of order sign with you.

Jack Do you have a girlfriend I use to miss I never raped her.

Jack alright then so your telling me now no girlfriend that is correct.

Why do you ask Because I want you jack to make love to me the proper way Please.

Look jack I already explained to you I’m very horny and Joe is way to drunk.

Yes please jack I like the way you say it it sounds so romantic making love.

She paused for a moment jack I think some is outside wanting to come in.

Well Jack’s here now and I’m Making Him my new boyfriend.

Miss yes officer do you know this man jack yes officer he’s a friend of mine.

Gina said to Joe one last time before he went off to jail Joe your a Butt head I never ever want you to come near me ever again Jack here is your cuffs back Thank you Tom.

Thank You jack again for all that you did helping me out this evening.

Thank you officer your welcome young lady good thing your friend Jack was here to protect and save you.

Hey Jack what happened john asked well john it’s a long story.

Jack I’m sure glad we have you as a security guard around here.

Becky yes john could you please stay and help jack close up the concession stand.

Gina asked Becky If I have sex with jack do you think he may stretch my tiny pussy out.

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Hey Gina Yes jack I think you should call your parents about what had happened this evening.

Whom are you with now honey mom I am with Becky my girlfriend and jack he is a security officer here at the drive-in.

Please may I talk to him alright mom here’s jack.

Hello Mrs. Jones this is Jack Gina is alright now I work here as security and concession stand employee.

Gina comes over to me Jack will you please make love to me now.

Becky said well heck l jack if she wants to make love to her you should do it.

May I suggest something better than that couch Jack yes Becky sure what is it.

She caught me licking my lips you like my tits jack yes Gina and what about the rest of my body I do very much.
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