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It’s not a ghetto booty, but since I was very young, people have commented on my ass.

A few years ago, the term “ass worship” struck me and I began researching it just seemed like a natural thing for me.

For the most part, I’ve been a good girl since then although I admit that about two years ago, I made a car payment with my mouth, ha.

All of the pertinent emails were from guys who said they didn’t agree with my statement that ass worship doesn’t include anal sex because, in my opinion, anal sex defiles and damages rather than honoring and respecting and adoring a girl’s ass.

What they said that got to me the most was along the lines that if I truly believed that ass worship excluded anal sex, then I would be rejecting them and as an extension, I would be missing out on some genuine worshippers.

I don’t mind so much missing out because it seems there are enough ass worshippers out there, but I feel like I offended those guys by speaking so strongly about not caring for anal sex.

It’s just that I feel very uncomfortable with the thought of anything hard up my ass.

As for the update: My personal life is one of school, work, friends, dating, and three and a half ass worshippers.

For you ass worshippers, let me say that one of them does everything mentioned above.

I’m also agreeable to him spending less time in actual ass worship because he likes the foreplay of being teased and I get into that.

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It’s on to ass worship and then to facesitting.

My ex bf knew all about my quest to learn about ass worship.

He thought of himself as the king when it came to ass worship but his attention to my royal rear-end were only in passing, like foreplay before sex.

After my first post here on XNXX, a girl emailed me and said she was into it and wanted to know if I had ever done it with a girl.

Ass worshipping men will go down and stay there and adore and imbibe and take it all in.

I might have fucked him for more money, I don’t know, but he was talking ass worship so — yeah — I broke the company rules.

I don’t think I should take time here to say more about it, but it was a very nice time with him and it wasn’t hard to put the money to good use.

If you think ass worship is weird, well, so do I. But one thing I have learned is that it is very pleasurable.
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