My new sexy outfit prompted my husband very quickly

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My new sexy outfit prompted my husband very quickly
Steph had set up Tina with Mark and they really hit it off.

The first day we were up there Mark asked Tina to change her outfit.

We gave each other knowing glances when Mark and Tina weren’t looking.

Suddenly Mark slaps Steph lightly across the face to get her attention and says, “Are you trying to cum?” Steph looks shocked but he slaps her ass and orders her to keep going.

Mark said, “Do you want to cum again?” Steph replied, “Oh my god…” She was incredulous but when she realized he was serious she said, “Yes… but I just can’t, I’m sorry.” He immediately picked her up like a rag doll and stood up himself, his cock still hard and glistening in the light, covered in her juices.

Tina answered, “Yeah, he came.” “Good. Come out here, baby.” Mark’s wish was my sister’s command and she crawled out of the tent and walked over to the table completely nude.

A couple of times he stuck his fingers into her ass and Steph responded with deep animalistic groans of pleasure even though she had denied his huge cock into her back entrance several times, but eventually Mark convinced her to try it saying that if she wanted him to cum, she should offer him a tighter target.

Steph rested her elbows on her knees and mewed like a wounded animal as she fucked Mark like he wanted.

“Alright. Tina pass me the sheers.” Tina’s face brightened as she passed Mark a large pair of scissors.

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Mark didn’t even cum! Instead, he just pulled out and took my sister off to their tent or the night, “You’re a champ sweetie. I had fun.” Then he said to me, “Hey man, what a trip, right? I appreciate you letting me fuck your wife. She’s a freak. Your sister’s fun too, right? Anyway, we’re gonna go do our thing. You should take your wife to bed and let her get some rest. She had a long day.” The rest of the night, my wife slept next to me soundly while I stayed up listening as Tina fucked to her complete satisfaction for hours.
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