My Roommate Fucks Me In The Ass And I Love It

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My Roommate Fucks Me In The Ass And I Love It
Professor Belford couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Professor Belford felt another wave of heat surge through him as he realized the student was speaking about him.

Professor Belford trembled as he held the girl’s paper in his hands.

Professor Belford groaned as his dick became even harder.

Professor Belford slowly and hesitantly unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing dick.

Professor Belford could see himself rising and standing behind his active student, and suddenly squeezing her plump ass with both hands until a small whimper escapes her red mouth.

“Please don’t stop, Professor, it feels too good!” Laura Halter cried and he obliges her by continuing to stroke her.

Professor Belford fingers her until she is bucking out of control with ecstasy.

Who is Professor Belford to complain? The students in class heat up with arousal as they watch, they cannot take their eyes off the couple in front of them.

Such a sight! Professor Belford notices and gives the audience what they want.

Laura flushes red and feels herself get wetter at the thought of her English professor fucking her in front of everyone.

Professor Belford then starts pushing in and out and feels the slickness of her body.

Professor Belford then reaches in front of his busty student and grabs her round and thick tits with both of his hands.

Their sighs only encore Laura and her heated session with her professor.

Laura then releases a flood liquids onto the professor’s body.

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“Ignore them, child. You’re the only teacher’s pet I want.” Professor Belford explains and then picks Laura up and walks over to his cherry wood desk so all she can see is him.

The professor then presses his dick back inside the warm cave he adores so much of his favorite student.

Laura’s face twists with worry as she begins to whine but the professor quickly hushes her with his lips.

Anxiously, Professor Belford starts cleaning up the mess he created – but the stuff is sticky as hell.
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