My Step Sis April Fools Prank Makes Me Cum Inside Her!

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My Step Sis April Fools Prank Makes Me Cum Inside Her!
” Sierra says with disgust ” Hey where’s my beer? Where’s that sweet girl that gave me these?” Nicky asks pulling a pair of panties and bra from his back pocket ” Nicky what the hell son?” Momma Maggie asks getting chuckles ” Oh are these your’s ma’am? If not would you wear them for me?” Nicky says making Momma Maggie look at him as Sierra did ” Hey are you two my nieces?” Justin asks Sierra and Mandy ” Yes we are what is wrong with you?” Mandy asks with hurt towards Justin ” Hey Nicky is she the one you ate out.

Chris gave him a look of concern saying he was fine standing.

” Justin says getting Chris to agree We all sat quietly until I looked at Jack’s expression.

Jessie sat in the passenger seat just looking out the window being quiet.

Once we all get in the room I see my baby hooked up to monitors and a I.V. He has a look of sadness on his face seeing us walking in.

You can’t leave us what will we do?” I ask seeing him look at me as the others break down and cry ” Live with the moms in Oklahoma.

” Well what of Heath’s car?” I ask as they look at me strangely ” Well let’s just say it will never be driven again.

” Justin says getting the other guys to nod ” What do you mean never again?” Mom asks as Jack looks at the guys He goes into telling us it was smashed from three sides and that the windshield was spiderwebbed and blown out from a head hitting it from the inside.

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” So how is he doing?” Nicky asked getting us all to look up at him ” He is ok just bruised and hurt.

” Hannah says while I see the guys look from us then to each other ” I’m sure once he cools down and thinks he will stop the divorce.

” Jack says before looking at the guys then adds ” Come on guys let’s go see our brother.

” Tessa tells me as I look at Momma Maggie ” True, but what do we do? I don’t want a divorce.

” What is going on?” I ask as Jack looks at me ” Heath is giving Adam and I the beach house.

” Chris states looking at his mom ” Oh god what is going to happen now?” Verna asks getting shrugs from us all ” We don’t know I made a call to mom to get advice.
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