My step sister fucks my boyfriend

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My step sister fucks my boyfriend
The image of my naked mother popped into my head once more.

Every few pumps he would lie on top of my mother silently and kiss her, making her moan into his mouth.

My father had turned his head and my mother had lifted her upper body using his shoulders.

First my mother and then my father, “No!” No? “Don’t leave honey,” my mother said softly.

“It’s ok baby!” my beautiful mother said, grinning impishly.

“That’s more like it,” my mother said.

“Come on closer and watch. You might learn a thing or two from your old man.” “Or you can give your old man a few pointers,” my mother chuckled and playfully licked my father’s nose.

My fucking hot mother is naked! Her bare breasts were the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen.

My dad started to pump my hot mother’s pussy slowly but firmly again.

“What’s your fucking point?” “No point. Just an observation!” “Sounds more like an accusation,” my mother giggled throatily.

My mother’s brow furrowed as she turned her attention to my father’s pumping dick once more.

“Why don’t you take your boxers off baby,” my mother said as she looked up at me.

Suddenly to my surprise my mother craned her head and moved her face extremely close to my hard cock.

My mother started breathing very heavily as she put her hand on my butt cheek and dug her fingers into my muscular ass.

“She’s coming son! You’ve made your mother come!” My mother finally exhaled and lowered her hips.

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“Pinch my fucking big clit harder. Rip it off of me!” “Like this Mom?” “My clit! Mm…my fucking clit! My fucking pussy’s on fire! Ooh god!” I pinched my mother’s beautiful and sensitive clitoris even harder.

Her cunt bush was the same color and as thick as my mother’s.

My mother shifted her position on the bed and leaned against the headboard.

“June, honey climb on the bed and lean against me,” my mother said lovingly.

A cry of pleasure escaped her lovely mouth when my mother started pulling and pinching her stiff nipples.
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