My Step Sister is an Undercover Freak

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My Step Sister is an Undercover Freak
I have not been to the office, in awhile due to the fact that the old principal, went into cardiac arrest and God bless his soul, passed away.

I so lost in thought, I don’t know how I end up at the principal’s office.

The principal’s office is still inside, behind a closed door in his secretary’s office “Ann-Alyssia?” A plain woman in her twenties, I bet, comes out from the door that reads ‘Principal’ asks me.

“Yes” I answer and she proceeds to point at the principal’s door, indicating for me to enter, I take the hint and enter the room after a knock on the door.

I find myself wondering what the principal looks like again.

I missed the assembly, in which the principal was introduced to us and ever since then I haven’t been lucky enough to catch a sight of him, especially with how all the girls say he’s the hottest man they have ever seen.

He definitely has a sexy body beneath his well-fitted shirt, how is he the principal? I sit on the closest chair to me in front of his desk, which enables me to read his name ‘Principal Ego’ Ego seems fitting, he oozes it in tenfolds.

I blush embarrassed at being caught, so I quickly say something “I’m to find out how to make them like you? Like going undercover for you?” He quirks an eyebrow at me, his eyes twinkling and a sheepish smile on his face, I want to laugh but I know he is being serious, I hold it back and nod my head. “Okay principal Ego, I will try my very best,” I say with all seriousness while looking at his face.

1 Day Ago The next day, the same thing occurs again during lunch break and I am called to the principal’s office, but this time around I kind of knew what to expect.

I sit down on one of the chairs in front of his desk and look at the serious but sexy principal Ego.

“You are a brilliant student, with outstanding results. You also manage a great whole lot of responsibilities in this school, our ambassador to the fullest, but one mistake can ruin your life forever, you know that right?” that statement scares me, “Yes, I know.” He starts using his laptop, before turning it around to face me, VLC is up and he has a video for me to watch, my body starts feeling uncomfortable as soon as I press play, the video starts with an empty classroom, which I know very well that uncomfortable feeling comes back when I realize what I’m about to watch.

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I don’t need a mirror to know that I am, I have to be after being humiliated and embarrassed in the worst way possible, my principal just played a sex video, starring me.

He and the school representatives are going to tell the whole school and oh God I just realised principal Ego would have watched this video “I don’t know what to say principal Ego, I’m sorry doesn’t even cut it. I know the school board would have seen this and want me out of school.” I say finally, my mum and dad will be so disappointed.

Today I finish by 5 and the school is practically always empty by now, when I finally get in front of the principal secretary’s office I take a deep breath and enter.

I walk towards the door leading into principal Ego’s office and knock on it, to see if he’s still around, a couple of seconds later the door opens and he gestures for me to enter and he closes the door behind me.

“You want to see me, sir.” He smiles at me and that smile takes my breath away, there I am lusting after my principal I’m such a slut, the principal who happens to have seen my naked body and me getting my life fucked out of me.

I am kissing my principal, life should come and screw me over again.
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