My Strip per Step Mom

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My Strip per Step Mom
Hanna is buzzing around being the little girl on girl sexual butterfly that she was when I first met her but I can tell something is looming.

Apparently my college plans and the simple fact that I’ve been working out going to college has everyone of my girls staring at me like I just grew a penis out of my forehead and it started singing to them.

The waitress comes back a second time and still no girls, she asks me if I want more time and I realize that they took their stuff when they left.

As soon as she’s out and gets the girls to step away the giant debate begins about how to approach me.

“Yes, you went to talk about it,” I say gesturing to all the girls,” You stepped outside and I was sitting there for twenty minutes before I paid the check for the meal we didn’t have and then come to find out that you all left me there.

A couple quick stops, one for money and another to talk about the rules: girls serving drinks take tips but big tips will get you some private time or more for a price if you’re nice, all the dancers are game unless they are sitting then it’s a no fly zone, and it’s a fifty dollar private dance but if you put down enough money and the girl likes you she’ll shut the camera off and it’s go time.

“Dude my girls said the same thing and they want proof,” I tell him chuckling.

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Just tell the girl when you get her in there that your girlfriend put you up to it because she didn’t think you had enough experience and that should help.

Now I’ll leave you to your evening and I have to get home to my girls,” I tell her starting to leave but get cut off again.

Right now they’re having a girl’s night back at my folk’s place with a bunch of our friends,” I tell her plainly.

“Well then are you still in the mood to help a girl out,” she asks getting up and heading down the hallway in the apartment.

No girls are camped out in the TV room which means I’m doing a long walk up to the room and once inside I can see they are all awake and waiting with rollers and hair nets and robes on like they’re waiting for the people to come back and finish.
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