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Bob helped Angie to sit down and I noticed Sylvia checking me out from head to toe.

Quite suddenly, Sylvia turns to me and says, “Angie tells us that you are interested in being a submissive male?” I looked at Angie with a questioning look but she did not say anything.

Bob says, “Sylvia is a dominatrix. Angie says that you are a natural submissive”.

Sylvia spoke “Terry, it is really quite simple, do you have fantasies about exploring your submissive side? Bob and I are open to the idea and I have love dominating men and currently do not have submissive men in my life.” “I guess that I have talked with Angie about bondage in the past and we have tried it in the past.” I replied.

“Why don’t we pay the tab and go for a walk. This is a really nice area and the weather is great. Once outside I tried to speak with Angie but. Sylvia took me aside”Teri, I know about your desires because Angie told me.

” Sylvia then called Angie over saying “Angie, talk to Terri for me will you?” Angie nervously nodded and then we walked out of earshot of Sylvia and Bob.

Sylvia came up to me and Bob pulled Angie in the opposite directory.

Bob opened the room and Sylvia had Bob and Angie sit on one bed and instructed me to sit on the other bed.

The term is ‘skullfucking’ and Bob is going to help Angie” With that Bob grabbed Angie’s head and began to bob her head up and down on my cock.

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Ok, not so ugly young girl try to be sexy (pt2)

Angie curled up between me and Sylvia and Bob took the corner behind Sylvia.
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