My Sweet Apple! com des petits fous partout

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My Sweet Apple! com des petits fous partout
To stop my screaming, Des told Carl, “Put something in her mouth, to shut her up.” “Will this do?” Carl laughed, as he dropped his jeans, proudly waving his long, slim, black cock.

As I slurped on his cock, I felt someone pull my thong off, and separate my legs.

“Go on, give her a sandwich!” Des laughed, as Buster forced his cock into my soaking wet fanny.

He immediately started to fuck me fast and furious, forcing Carl’s cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

When Buster whipped his cock out of me, it made my fanny fart, giving me the giggles.

His cock was gorgeous; I put both of my hands around it, wanking the shaft as I sucked on the silky smooth knob.

After a minute or two, as my fanny stretched to accommodate this monster cock, I began to build up a nice rhythm, rubbing my clit against his groin, every time I reached the bottom of the shaft.

I put my arms around him pulling his cock into my lipstick-covered mouth, sucking and licking, like I was possessed.

As Des was grinding his cock into me, Carl stroked my bum cheeks, which were still glowing from the spanking that Des had given me.

With one sharp movement, Carl pushed a couple of inches of cock into my bum.

I couldn’t scream because my mouth was full with Buster’s thick cock, but my eyes were watering as my hole stung with pain.

All I could do was hang on to Buster’s hips and cock.

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My tits were squashed against his face as Des speeded up, ramming me with long, deep strokes, and Carl, now had his whole cock inside my arse, jabbing me with short, sharp motions.

Carl grabbed my hips, and he too speeded up, making me scream, as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into me.

As he kissed me on the neck and cheek, I looked down at his cock, then across at Buster and Carl, who was now pouring out more drinks, and couldn’t believe what I had just done.
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