My Virgin Step Brother Fucks My Ass

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My Virgin Step Brother Fucks My Ass
Meanwhile the girls are peeking at the men and giggling softly as they talk “I can’t wait to get home tonight, I want them both in me at the same time” Jenny whispered to Lori “Both? You can’t be serious?” Lori whispered back “To be honest, I’ve never had them both at the same time. It was always dad or John, but tonight it will be both of them. John in my ass, and daddy in my cunt.” Jenny practically moaning at the thought.

Fortunately the Principal didn’t see John coming out of the girls room that day she had him eat her pussy and he was going to fuck her ass.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get you alone and pay you back for that in school sex session.” She grabbed Johns cock thru his trunks and slowly stroked it “And I think you fucking my ass here and now will make up for it?” John groaned and nodded his head as his hands went out to feel Loris breasts, cupping them in his hand eliciting a gentle moan from Lori “I think it will have been worth the wait.” Then his hands slide down her sides and pull the two tiny strings holding her bottoms on and down they slide as the knots are pulled.

“Oh John, your tongue feels so good” She continues to step back until she reaches her bed and pushes John away to hop onto the bed, lifting her feet up and placeing them on the edge of the bed to brace herself, and opening her lips up for John to lick and suck on again.

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Soon after finger fucking Lori, John decides its time to get her ready as he pulls his juice covered finger out of her cunt and begins to rub her ass hole a little bit, getting it slick before slipping the finger into her, just the tip, but it makes her Gasp loud and draw a moan of pleasure from her “Oh John, feels better then the last time.” John keeps working on her clit and pushes more of his finger into her ass then back out, and in again slowly getting the opening nice and wet.

John gives a hard thrust into her ass with his finger sends Lori over the edge, on top of the clit sucking.

John moans as well as how hot and tight her ass is, even more so then Jennys was when she gave her ass on his birthday.
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