Naughty Babe With A Surprise Inside Her Gets Satisfied By A Masseur

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Naughty Babe With A Surprise Inside Her Gets Satisfied By A Masseur
After our third round, I lost my appetite for food and wanted to go back to Pierre’s room for my massage; and maybe snack on some of him.

Pierre spoke up and said, “Would you mind if I brought Jessie along? She wants to learn the art of erotic massage and wanted to watch me at work.” Cal and I looked at each other.

Pierre said,” If Cal wants to watch, he should be comfortable.

Pierre began my massage while Jess and my hubby sat together.

As Pierre’s hands slid down my spine toward my butt I let out a pleasing little moan saying how nice that felt.

Pierre moved to my butt and began a soothing massage on my left hip and cheek, kneading and rocking me from side to side.

Pierre placed my feet back together saying, “Don’t rush. We have all night.” I felt a bit embarrassed, wondering what Cal may have been thinking for me spreading my legs so quickly.

As his hands were sliding up my thigh and inner thigh I heard Jess speak up and asked, “Is there something I can do?” Pierre didn’t miss a stroke and said, “It’s still going to be a while before I get going with the erotic massage. Cal seems like he could use a massage before things get warm.” Jess took the hint and said, “That sounds like a good idea. What do you think, Cal?” Cal was all for it; he kicked off his sandals and ripped off his t-shirt.

Pierre went back to the front of my legs; shins, knees, thighs, and of course upper thighs.

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Jess’s hands were just about to wrap around my hubby’s erect mast when Pierre told me it was time to turn on my tummy again.

What could be happening next? Pierre move to my side and rubbed my back some more.

Pierre said, “It’s time to turn on your back again.” I opened my eyes to see Pierre’s swollen cock tenting his shorts three inches from my face.

Pierre’s sweet pre-cum drooled into my hand when I squeezed him.

Pierre moved up toward my upper arm and played with my breast and nipples while Jess played clock on my hot dripping cunt.
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