Neighbour Catches Mom with Step-Daughter

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Neighbour Catches Mom with Step-Daughter
“Get in love,” Julie called to Michelle, “Let me drive you the rest of the way home.” Michelle was angry and in no mood to talk with anyone, but her feet were killing her, from walking almost three miles in her nicest Kenneth Cole heels.

While competitive, Michelle didn’t mind, as the sight of Julie’s firm behind in her spandex running pants, reminded Michelle of her sophomore year girlfriend, who first got Michelle into running.

Michelle’s mind wandered to the last gym session when she had watched Julie get stripped for the shower, and she couldn’t help noticing Julie was totally shaved down below.

Michelle nervously blurted out a question about it, and Julie simply smiled like a sphinx, and explained, “keeps things neat and simple,” Michelle pondering her words, and staring at her still pert ass, as she wandered into the shower.

After Julie dropped gave her a ride home from the gym, it was that mental image of Julie’s back and ass that was in Michelle’s mind, as she slipped her hand inside her yoga pants, and under her panties.

Touching herself gently, while lying on her bed, Michelle imagined for a moment that it was Julie’s finger touching her, as Julie’s husband, JJ, watched the two women play.

Michelle’s heart jumped into her mouth as she saw that Julie’s country gate was left open, “Oh my god,” she thought, “if Chico has dug up Julie’s prized garden, I’ll be mortified.

“Don’t want Chico getting his aim wrong, do we love?” she asked with a laugh, as Michelle twisted her head around to see Julie holding the overly enthusiastic Chico by the collar, while stroking his veiny red cock with her other hand.

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With Julie’s guidance, Chico climbed onto Michelle’s back, and she felt his weight and his soft belly fur rubbing her tingling skin, as Chico tried to thrust himself into her warm and welcoming opening.

Once again, Julie’s fingers tweaked Michelle’s nipple, triggering an orgasm that became prolonged and intensified, as Julie’s other hand pinched Michelle’s clit, as the dog continuously pumped at her core.

Michelle felt Chico turn, like she had seen him do with Julie, and hung her head down to the cool, tiled floor, as she tried to clear her brain and come down from the most powerful orgasm in her young life, while the tingling persisted, with Chico firmly locked inside her.
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