Newly single amateur model proves she knows how to fuck

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Newly single amateur model proves she knows how to fuck
There was no way my parents would help out, not that I’d want them to anyway.

Right on cue Mom pounded on my door, prattling in her heavily Asian accented and choppy English, “Lisa, you make dinner. I going out.” She was no doubt going to the same strip mall she always did to get her hair and nails done.

I knew there was no way I was going to come out at school, so really my only outlet for my newly awakened sex drive was waking up early to use the computer when no one else was awake.

Over the last few months I started exploring my body and finding out what touches made me feel good.

Then she’d let her affair slip out and I knew I had no chance with her unless I wanted to blackmail her.

Of course after I eagerly licked her out she offered to return the favor.

I didn’t really want to, but getting out of my house was always a plus.

“Look out the window.” I did and saw an old beat up VW bug in my driveway that appeared to have once been blue, but was now rust with faded white patches that barely had any blue tint left.

“Somewhere I can just forget about school.” “I heard about a place,” Becky chirped and then drove us out of town and up a big hill.

Eventually though Becky spoke, “Lisa, I need to tell someone something, but I need you to promise not to freak out.” I looked over and could tell she needed to get something off her chest.

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“What could you possibly need to get out that I don’t already know? I know about Mister Font and your baby and have kept your secret so far. Anything else is peanuts compared to that.” Then I thought for a second, “He didn’t… help you cheat on the test?” I exclaimed, sure that was her new secret.

A million dirty thoughts were going through my head, but I didn’t want to spook Becky out of anything.

“Well it seems we both like this,” Becky tittered as we caught our breath from making out.

Making out with my hands on her back, pressing her clothes bosom into my small mosquito bite sized tits and one leg winding around hers.
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